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Making homemade soap

Last weekend a friend and I got together at her house and she showed me how to make soap.  Not the melt-n-pour way, but the cold process way. She’s been making her own soap for a little over a year. So I was feeling comfortable enough in her ability to show me the right way to do it. We used the cold process way to make soap. And initially I was a little intimidated by the process. Having to deal with lye and the chemical reaction with water and the oils (called saponification), seemed tricky and had the potential to be dangerous. But we measured out the ingredients using a kitchen scale that could hold 16oz. of oils. We used Palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil for the base oils in my soap. I mixed in some tea tree oil and peppermint oil for the scent.  Then we mixed in the lye and water mixture in with the oils and used a stick blender to emulsify the mixture. We did this until the consistence was like a thick custard or pudding. We then pulled out our lined soap mold and started filling the mold with our mixture.

The only downside to the soap making process is that it can take up to 6 weeks for the soap to cure and become more mellow so it won’t be so harsh on the skin. I can’t wait to try out this soap. I want to feel the tingle and cooling feeling of the soap on my skin from the peppermint.  I promise that I will post a more detailed step-by-step with photos of the whole soap making process. 🙂 Stay tuned….


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