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Back to School – lunch packing ideas

My daughter has officially started school. This has brought on thinking about lunches to pack for my daughter and myself when time is short in the morning. If you are looking for lunch ideas and cute ways to present or pack a lunch check out the Rock the Lunch Box website link below:

Lunchbox ideas

This website even has filter options for vegetarian, gluten free, nut free and most popular.

It features photos of various lunchboxes that were submitted by parents. I’ve been using this website to come up with fun lunchbox packing ideas. I hope it helps you too…


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Heat wave part 2: Creamy Lemon Dressing Recipe

We’ve been having unusually hot weather and today is the record at 93 degrees with no wind. I can’t think in this kind of heat, my brain starts to shut down and get sleepy 🙂

Needless to say my house is super hot and I don’t feel like cooking. So we made a salad with a creamy lemon vinaigrette dressing, accompanied by a cool turkey sandwich with cheese and cold tomato slices. For dessert, we had frozen red grapes. They were so cold in my mouth, like little mini Popsicles. They definitely hit the spot.

If you are faced with a heat wave and are faced with making a salad for dinner.

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The most amazing syrup for fluffy pancakes

Folks if you haven’t tried brown butter buttermilk syrup on fluffy pancakes then you are missing out on a slice of heaven. I know what you are thinking. Eeew, buttermilk in syrup! I thought the same thing and figured it would have a curdling effect. But I assure you it doesn’t. It tastes like a vanilla caramel syrup. It is super smooth and worthy of pouring on a tall stack of steamy pancakes. It takes about 10 minutes total to make and serves 4-6 people. Try it, you won’t be disappointed….

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Giveaway: Gallon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chaffin Family Orchards

We use olive oil in cooking, dipping, salad dressings, etc. I would love to win this gallon of extra virgin olive oil. More details about this giveaway can be found on The Healthy Home Economomist’s blog. She has some great ideas for cooking and all things budget savvy.

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