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Back to School – lunch packing ideas

My daughter has officially started school. This has brought on thinking about lunches to pack for my daughter and myself when time is short in the morning. If you are looking for lunch ideas and cute ways to present or pack a lunch check out the Rock the Lunch Box website link below:

Lunchbox ideas

This website even has filter options for vegetarian, gluten free, nut free and most popular.

It features photos of various lunchboxes that were submitted by parents. I’ve been using this website to come up with fun lunchbox packing ideas. I hope it helps you too…


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Giveaway: Gallon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chaffin Family Orchards

We use olive oil in cooking, dipping, salad dressings, etc. I would love to win this gallon of extra virgin olive oil. More details about this giveaway can be found on The Healthy Home Economomist’s blog. She has some great ideas for cooking and all things budget savvy.

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A Productive Night


long grass

I felt so good yesterday. I finally cut the grass after work! Yay me!! Came inside the house after cutting the grass and cleaned the kitchen, made my lunch for tomorrow, and even got to sewing dh’s school bag whose strap had pulled away from the main bag. It gave me great joy to use my new singer sewing machine which was straight out of the box. It sewed through the thick strap and two layers of canvas fabric like butter. Was simply a joy to use the new machine!!!

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Cleaning fiend

natural cleaning products

I broke down and had pizzahut pizza for dinner. Bad choice, I know! It’s not really what I had wanted to do originally, but when short on time that was the more convenient choice. After dinner with the family, I cleaned the kitchen then moved room by room. Starting with the kitchen, then moving to the living room picking stuff up and tidying as I went, ending in the bedroom. Hanging up clean laundry in the closet and tidying up around my bed, end table, etc. When all was said and done it was 9:30pm, and finally got around to tucking the little one into bed. Once I started cleaning I was on a mad dash, like a tornado moving swiftly and efficiently from room to room until I felt I was done for the day.

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