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My First Post!

This is my official first post. I hope to update this regularly with tasty tidbits from my cooking, and my gardening updates, plus other things crafty. I thoroughly enjoy being creative. I love to cook from scratch, and knit/crochet.  I also love sewing and will be trying to teach myself quilting. I bought a new sewing machine and have been aching to take it for a test spin. I love gardening and being able to provide for my family, and use fresh ingredients in my cooking/baking.  Most of the recipes I use come from all around the world. I don’t shy away from using new ingredients, or trying new things. I think my family is thankful for the variety. I love to sit in bed and read cookbooks before I go to sleep, it’s like I devour the ingredients on the page, and visualize how I would make each recipe as I read it, and imagine the smells that would fill the room as I am cooking :).  I love the beach, and getting outdoors, the sounds, clean air and fresh smells. I also enjoy being active, but it can sometimes be hard to get out of the daily grind and find time to live a more simple life. This blog is my attempt to calm the chaos in my life through trying to live a more simple life.


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